In this article we shall talk about three major roofing options at your disposal that you can choose from. These are primarily the solar type (which is comparatively modern), asphalt shingle roofing (which is the most common form of roofing in the United States America and which is known for its versatility) and Metal roofing (which is know for its resistance against the lashes of weather such as storms and snow). If you are looking for local roofing contractor in Denver , consider Chips Roofing.

Solar types:
These are more advanced and recent and modern type as far as roofing options are concerned. The advantage of advanced solar collectors is that they can be seamlessly integrated into existing shingles. The interesting part is that it can generate up to 1 kilowatt of energy for every 100 square feet. Now if you are in a place which receives maximum sunlight, this type of roofing can be extremely beneficial. Homeowner’s with sunny roof usually prefer this type of advanced and ecologically viable option for roofing. This can be used on a roof which does not permit the installation of what you can call solar panels. As far as the cost is concerned, they can cost a little more than the average or the traditional solar option.

Asphalt Shingles:

This roofing option is the most common roofing option in America. This roofing option is extremely versatile. This can be used in a wide array of weather condition and this is precisely why it is so widely used in The States. They are very reliable and durable. However, the quality will vary widely. The good ones can withstand the harshest of weather conditions and wind conditions. As far as the durability is concerned, you can expect to change the shingles in 20 years. So for 20 years you are safe and secured. Also, the installation cost is very less comparatively. This provides it an edge. There are impact resistant shingles which can also resist weather conditions which brings hailstorms. If the quality of the shingles can vary, so shall be the prices based on the situation.

Metal roofing:

Metal roofing are usually available in vertical shingles or shingles which resembles slate, tile and shake. It can last almost about 60 years. Metal roofing makes more sense in areas of extreme weather conditions, as they can slough off heavy snow and rain. They neither burn nor resist high winds. It is usually lightweight and can be installed over existing roofs. One disadvantage of metal roofing is that metal roofing can get noisy during rainstorm or hailstorm. Also, they can form dents. The average costs of mental roofing usually range between Five dollars and eleven dollars per square foot. The range usually depends on the style and type of the metal that has been used.