Roof Warranties

Roof Warranties

Roofing system manufacturers offer warranties based on the quality and type of roofing system installed. Manufacturer warranties range from 10 to 25 years, with some high quality roofing materials extending out as long as 35 years. Chips Roofing uses only the very best in materials for your roof. We are also skilled and properly trained to ensure that our installation of these quality roofing materials will not void the manufacturers warranty. Please remember–most roofing materials warranties require regular maintenance to keep said warranty in effect. Don’t forget your regular roof maintenance!

Most problems with roofing systems come from the quality of workmanship put into the roof’s installation. Having a skilled team of Denver roofers is essential! We are confident in our roofing crew. We know they are knowledgeable and skilled with all types of roofing systems and the proper installation requirements for each. Don’t spend good money on top quality materials only to have the roof fail due to poor installation. Any roof Chips Roofing & Exteriors installs is backed by our transferable 10 year workmanship warranty. And because we are a top Denver roofer with a stellar reputation you can rest assured that we will be around to honor that warranty!

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