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Are you looking for professional window painters in Denver, Longmont, or surrounding areas? Chip’s Roofing & Exteriors are dependable local roofers that provide window painting services. At Chip’s Roofing & Exteriors, we have developed specific painting procedures that produce the most perfect, flawlessly painted windows. Our goal is to give your windows a factory-finish look and feel.

Our window painters will work with you to choose the perfect solution for your exterior configuration. Whether you have standard or custom-made elaborate windows, we offer a variety of colors and will help you find the perfect one for your specific style and taste.

Seven Signs A Home Needs Services By Professional Window Painters

When it comes to preserving your home’s look and value, your windows play a major role. Freshly painted windows not only give your building visual appeal, but they also provide a coating that protects your house.

If you are not sure when it is time to give your window frames a new, beautiful look, Chip’s Roofing & Exteriors has compiled seven clear signs that you need the help of professional window painters.

  • Peeling Paint. Strong sunlight, cold winters, or humidity greatly contribute to peeling. When paint peels off, it makes your home appear old and unkempt.
  • Bubbling and cracking. Spidery cracks and bubbles on a painted surface of your wooden or aluminum window frame is the result of hail, UV rays, or sandy wind.
  • Aging. Most paints have life expectancies. To avoid the aging and deterioration of your exterior, re-paint your house every five to ten years.
  • Fading. Because of bleaching and water intrusion, exterior paint fades.
  • Chalking. When you run your hand over the window frame and it leaves a powdery residue, it is a sure sign of chalking.
  • New House. Yes, that’s right. Usually, new buildings get only one layer of paint to protect the exterior. Professional window painters know that a single layer of paint is insufficient to protect your home for a long time.
  • Rotten Wood. If the wood on your window frame feels spongy and soft, you need to call Chip’s Roofing & Exteriors as soon as possible to prevent a big problem in future.

Where Can I Find Experienced Window Painters Near Me

Are you still looking for the best window painters near your location? Regardless of your style and personal taste, Chip’s Roofing & Exteriors is confident that our window painters will exceed your expectations and deliver a premium quality paint job specifically designed for Colorado weather conditions.

Hire skillful window painters near you, and keep your house beautiful without spending a fortune. Chip’s Roofing & Exteriors is located in Longmont, CO and serves Denver, CO; Boulder, CO; Arvada, CO; and Lakewood, CO. Give us a call 720-938-7663 to schedule your absolutely FREE estimate now.


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Duane Baker

Chips-Many thanks for all your help. I really appreciate the extra effort you made to help me when water was pouring into my house, and no one else was willing to climb on a wintry roof.

Marcee Metzger

Your workers did a great job. We would be willing to be a reference, thank you.

Bob Hedlund

I live in Eldorado Springs, and the winds howl here. I used to replace tiles every spring. Chip put a roof on our house and garage in 2007 and I haven’t had to replace anything since. Great job. Chip is a stickler for details. Highly recommend them.

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