Best Commercial Roofing Companies in Denver, CO And Surrounding Areas

Chips Roofing & Exteriors are full-service commercial roofing companies located in Longmont, CO. Established more than 35 years ago, Chips Roofing & Exteriors has become the most reliable roofing companies in and around Denver, CO. We offer multiple options to fit the needs of our clients. We work both with industrial and commercial clients.

Excellent Commercial Roofing Near Denver

We have a great reputation as one of the best commercial roofing companies in the Denver area. Our team is qualified to install or replace commercial roofing, provide maintenance service, and do roof repair. The importance of properly installed, replaced, or repaired roof is critical. It can substantially lower energy costs throughout the life of the roof. Whether your business or industrial building has a slope, low-slope, or flat roof, Chips Roofing has the expertise to keep everything beneath your roof safe and dry.

Call For Great Commercial Roofing Services

We provide commercial roofing services throughout the Denver area. Our team is qualified to install or replace commercial roofing, provide maintenance service, and do roof repair. The importance of properly installed, replaced, or repaired roof is critical. It can substantially lower energy costs throughout the life of the roof. Whether your business or industrial building has a slope, low-slope, or flat roof, Chips Roofing has the expertise to keep everything beneath your roof safe and dry.

Our commercial roofing services include but are not limited to:

  • Retail Buildings, Shopping Centers, Restaurants, Cafes, Sports Facilities
  • Government & Municipal Buildings, Hospitals, and Healthcare Facilities
  • Warehouses, Industrial Facilities, Heavy Equipment Industries
  • Office Building and Building Complexes (Both Low-rise And High-rise)
  • Large Manufacturing Facilities, Production Sites, and Plants
  • We Provide HOA Community Maintenance & Re-Roofs Services
  • Malls, Corner And Retail Stores, Outlet Centers Maintenance
  • Apartment Complexes, Hotels, Condominiums, and Townhouses
  • Schools, Universities, Colleges, and Other Educational Facilities
  • Our Commercial Roofing Contractors Work With Commercial Real Estate Brokers

Delivering The Most Advanced Commercial Roofing Services

At Chip’s Roofing & Exteriors, LLC we provide comprehensive and advanced commercial roofing solutions to businesses throughout Denver, Colorado. We offer a diverse range of roofing systems including EPDM Roofing Systems, Built Up or BUR systems, TPO Membrane Systems, and Modified Bitumen Roofing systems. Our mission is to provide our customers with the best roofing services in the Denver area!

Unlike EPDM and TPO roofing systems, Modified Bitumen Roofing system provides a water-resistant surface by using redundant layers of your roof as part of a new roofing system. Both Modified Roofing and Built Up systems are some of the best commercial roof choices available.

Each system type has its own pros and cons. Our commercial roofing specialist will help you understand various roofing options to find the best fit for your building. We know roofing, and we know how to do our job right. We use the most advanced commercial roofing equipment and materials in the industry to get even the toughest jobs done right the first time.

Where Can I Find The Best Commercial Roofers Near Me?

When the time to replace or repair the roof is coming, every business owner may be thinking, “How do I find skilled, professional, and affordable commercial roofers near me?” Chip’s Roofing & Exteriors, LLC is your contractor of choice when it comes to high-quality, reliable commercial roofers near Longmont, CO; Denver, CO; Boulder, CO; Arvada, CO; Lakewood, CO.

Chips Roofing’s workers are fully licensed and insured. We offer workman’s compensation and work with insurance companies. Contact your local roofer at Chips for a free estimate on commercial roof maintenance, repair, or installation today at 720-938-7663.


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Duane Baker

Chips-Many thanks for all your help. I really appreciate the extra effort you made to help me when water was pouring into my house, and no one else was willing to climb on a wintry roof.

Marcee Metzger

Your workers did a great job. We would be willing to be a reference, thank you.

Bob Hedlund

I live in Eldorado Springs, and the winds howl here. I used to replace tiles every spring. Chip put a roof on our house and garage in 2007 and I haven’t had to replace anything since. Great job. Chip is a stickler for details. Highly recommend them.

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